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Donate to Raices & Help Support the Arts!

The mission of Raices is to promote the cultural diversity of New York City and

to support musicians, dancers and artists from various backgrounds through providing public performances and instruction, organizing events, seminars and workshops on music and dance and other artistic forms.

Raices fulfills its mission by directly producing various artistic events & programs which you can learn about below.

Raices Cultural Arts Association, Ltd. 

Programs & Events

Your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation is greatly appreciated!


Raices Cultural Arts Association, Ltd.

Your donation to Raices Cultural Arts Association, Ltd., will be used to support various projects & artists that Raices produces and/or supports.

EL SON 2017_edited.jpg

El Son Y Su Esencia 

Annual Event

Your donation to El Son Y Su Esencia will directly support the production of this Annual Event whose mission is to preserve & educate the public about the genre of "Son", a music & dance style that traces its origins to Cuba & the Dominican Republic.


Descarga Jam Session

Your donation to the Descarga Jam Session will directly assist the production of this event & help preserve this unique form of musical improvisation.

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