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Donate & Help Support the Arts!

The mission of Raices is to promote the cultural diversity of New York City and

to support musicians, dancers and artists from various backgrounds through providing public performances and instruction, organizing events, seminars and workshops on music and dance and other artistic forms.

Raices fulfills its mission by directly producing various artistic events & programs as well as serves as a fiscal sponsor for artists, allowing them an opportunity to seek grants & funding. 

Supported Artists

Your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation is greatly appreciated!


The Boogaloo Project

Your donation to The Boogaloo Project will directly support its mission of preserving the history of & educating others about Latin Boogaloo through its projects & various programs such as Boogie Down Boogaloo, Boogaloo in the Bronx, Public Access Programming, classes, instruction & more.



MetaMovements is an artist collective creating projects to uplift its supporters through dance & music. The collective seeks to provide sustainable employment to its artists as well as support in building their futures. As the world enters into uncertain times the collective's artists have quickly mobilized to create a virtual solution and they need your support to make it happen!

Your support will be helping artists in North America, Cuba and the DR get the stability they need now, more than ever!

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